Daniel Kashnitsky, 
Academic Relations Coordinator

Daniel Kashnitsky is a Junior Researcher at the Institute of Social Policy, Higher School of Economics, Russia, and has a Master of Public Health from the Lund University, Sweden.

Since 2006, Daniel has been working in public health organizations with a focus on prevention and advocacy of access to HIV and TB care in Russia. As of 2015, he has been providing technical assistance to community-based NGOs of affected populations in 11 countries of East Europe and Central Asia within GFATM projects.

Daniel’s main areas of expertise are related to program management and monitoring, budget advocacy, stakeholder communication, qualitative research, health of mobile populations, and people-centered approach in HIV and TB care.

Kirill Barsky, Community Relations Coordinator

Kirill Barskiy, MPH, has been working in HIV prevention and supporting people affected by social diseases since 2011.
He has been working to provide assistance and HIV care to migrants in the Moscow region, with the support of partners from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, since 2017.

The main areas of expertise of Kirill are related to community development, development of prevention programs, organization of medical and social assistance, management of service programs, assessment of the effectiveness of service programs, organization of operational research projects.

Anna Fedoryak,
Communications Coordinator

Anna is a journalist and communications specialist. She has been working in the field of public health since 2006. Since then, she has supported quite a few Russian and EECA public health and human rights NGOs with communications and media relations. Anna holds a master’s degree in history and speaks English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Currently, Anna works for an EU-Russia NGO and supports REG with communications and event management.

Shakhnoz (Yekaterina)
Yusupova, Advisor

Shakhnoz Yusupova, MPH, is an international development specialist with over 20 years of experience in advocacy, policy dialogue, civil society leadership development. In 2008-2010 Social Mobilization Adviser in Russian UNAIDS. Has publications in Russian and international public health editions.

Shakhnoz is presently working in a COVID-19 support project of the Doctors Without Borders (Netherlands) in the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

Zinaida Abrosimova, Project Coordinator

Zinaida Abrosimova has been working in the field of public health since 2006 focusing on prevention of social diseases. As a member of international projects on HIV/AIDS prevention, Zinaida took part in development and implementation of programs for journalists and programs with corporate clients. Prior to that, she served in The Centre for Sociology of Education where was a member of research team. Zinaida has a number of academic publications.