Well-being of Ukrainian refugees requiring HIV and TB care

The seminar “Well-being of Ukrainian refugees requiring HIV and TB care: collecting and interpreting evidence to advance a robust migration and health policy in the European region” will focus on the discussion of the health of Ukrainian refugees and their access to HIV and tuberculosis services in host countries.

It will take place at the Sorbonne university on February 29 from 10:00 to 16:00.

This seminar organized by Paris Cité University and Cermes3 laboratory of sociology of medicine and is funded by ANRS Inserm (French Agency for Scientific Research on Emerging Infectious Diseases), College de France and the SoS2 projet of the Global fund.

The seminar will be conducted in English and will bring together sociologists, demographers, public health experts, and healthcare providers from 6 host countries of Ukrainian refugees: France, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, and Georgia.

Here you can download the full program

The seminar will be broadcast via zoom. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend.

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if you have questions, please contact Daniel Kashnitsky at kashnitsky@gmail.com