A meeting in Dushanbe to adjust a mechanism of remote registration and provision of HIV treatment for Tajikistan citizens who are in migration  

On March 26, 2024 REG and Republic AIDS Centre of Tajikistan held a Round Table in Dushanbe, Tajikistan to discuss adjusting the provision of HIV services to citizens in migration: both in countries of origin and countries of destinations.

Dr.  Alijon Soliyev, Deputy Director of Republic AIDS Centre updated participants with up-to-date information on implementation of a mechanism of remote registration and treatment. Kirill Barsky, REG, outlined key challenges face by migrants when implement remote registration being in receiving country – mainly in terms of the list of needed tested and analysis to be done and submitted.

Ms. Aziza Hamidova, Country director, UNAIDS emphasized the importance of providing remote services and Tajikistan’s best practices in this field.

Ms. Dilorom Abbasova, UNDP representative, raised issues of ARVT shipment for citizens residing abroad and options for funding it. REG will raise this question with GF Secretariat.   

Special attention was given to formulating a list of services for HIV pregnant women living abroad in term of urgency to receive ARVT during pregnancy. Tajikistan MoH is planning with REG’s assistance to adjust an Order of Remote Registration by including services for women. Republic AIDS Centre is planning to adjust Protocol to the needs of pregnant women with HIV.

Finally, the issue of developing a mechanism for providing remote care for tuberculosis, similar to HIV, was also raised at the meeting. Such mechanism may include prescribing therapy and ensuring tuberculosis prevention among PLHIV who have not been diagnosed with active tuberculosis.