Regional Expert Group on Migration and Health is looking for experts to contribute to an assessment in Slovakia

REG is pleased to announce a call of expression of interest for consultants to contribute to the Study titled “Population size estimate and assessment of needs in HIV, humanitarian and psychosocial services of People living with HIV and Key Populations among refugees from Ukraine in Slovakia.

Context: In addition to challenges faced by all refugees, such as obtaining a legal status in the receiving country, securing housing, employment and/or social benefits, overcoming language barriers, and other issues, Kep populations (KP) and people living with HIV (PLHIV) face a unique set of challenges related to accessing HIV prevention and treatment, humanitarian assistance and psychosocial services. Availability of such services in receiving countries varies, and their accessibility for KP and PLHIV refugees may vary even more. KP or PLHIV status may not qualify these refugees for humanitarian or psychosocial support.

The proposed project aims to estimate the number of people living with HIV among refugees from Ukraine in Slovakiaé

and to define barriers in access to HIV services faced by Ukrainian refugees in the listed countries. Received data and estimations is to be used in needs assessments and will form the basis for the development of assistance programs for Ukrainian refugees.

The study is based on the rapid assessment methodology and integrates desk research of available statistical and analytical documents with qualitative data based on the range of expert interviews.  The study is intended to provide insights into the challenges faced by refugees in accessing HIV services and to offer recommendations for improving their access to such services.

Objective: To assess the numbers of people living with HIV and KP among refugees from Ukraine residing in Slovakia, and to identify their needs and barriers in accessing HIV, humanitarian and psychosocial services.

We are looking for Country expert in Slovakia – to participate in the Study in order to:

  • collect national data (desk research) according to provided ToR and under coordination and with support of demographic data scientist, using open sources
  • organize and hold 4 interviews using provided guide with public health experts as well as PLHIV and KP refugees from Ukraine
  • prepare a brief report 3-5 pages outlining key results.

We assume this assignment would take 3-6 working days depending on the context.

For detailed information and conditions, please contact Daniel Kashnitsky

The deadline for submission of the proposals is April 07, 2024.

Please, submit a proposal and your daily rate by e-mail to Zinaida Abrosimova (please, indicate in the topic of the email which position you are applying for).