Архив 26.05.2021

HIV-positive citizens of Kyrgyzstan getting ART while abroad

Aybar Sultangaziev, Director of the “Partner Network” Association, discusses helping HIV-positive migrants from Kyrgyzstan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the civil society sector and its donators in Kyrgyzstan became clearly seen both in the attempts to control coronavirus and related limitations. The government also says that it supports civil society and freedom of

Dina Masalimova: The main idea is to refer Kyrgyz migrants to friendly organizations in Moscow for treatment

Dina Masalimova, a regional coordinator of Migrant Health project, told us about their attempt to create a continuous access to HIV-related services for Kyrgyz migrants in Russia. “Migrant Health, a model of HIV prevention for migrants from Central Asia in Moscow” is an original program which involves consulting both on migration-related and HIV-related topics. It