Архив 26.02.2021

Coronavirus has not become a ‘migrant disease’ – a study by RANEPA

A study on migrants and coronavirus implemented by the Center of Regional and Urban Studies at the Russian Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration.  The study shows that migrants from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have demonstrated responsible behaviors towards coronavirus more than Russians. In July 2020, a group of scientists from RANEPA (Evgeny

Dmitry Poletaev: It is pregnant female migrants who seek an obligatory medical insurance most often

Dmitry Poletaev, Director of the Migration Studies Center , talks about migrants’ attitude towards their health Dmitry Polеtaev, Director of the Migration Studies Center and a leading scientific fellow at the Institute for National Economic Forecasts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is a coauthor of several studies dedicated to migrants and healthcare. According to Dmitry,

Angelika Dobrieva: Migrants and refugees cannot get access to health services which are not supported by NGOs

Angelika Dobrieva, phycisian, deputy head of Civic Assistance committee on medical issues, talks about access to Russian healthcare for foreign citizens, related challenges and help from charitable organizations What are main challenges of access to healthcare services for migrants and refugees in Russia? Such access depends on a person’s status in the country. We can