REG produced booklets on health for migrants in Russia in six languages

The Regional Expert Group on Migration and Health has prepared a series of information materials on various aspects of health for migrants in Russia. Doctors and social workers both from Russia and from other EECA countries, who have extensive experience in working with the target audience, as well as professional translators, participated in the preparation of the booklets.

Booklets on five topics («How To Protect Yourself from HIV?», «If You Test Positive for HIV», «Emergency Care for Migrants in Russia», «You Are a Migrant Woman in Russia. What Can You Do To Stay Healthy?» and «What Is Tuberculosis?») are available in six languages: Armenian, English, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik and Uzbek. In simple language, they explain how to protect one’s health, what kind of medical assistance is available for foreign citizens in Russia and where they can apply.

All materials are available for free for non-commercial use. In a special box on the last page of each booklet, you can add the contacts of an organization that helps migrants in your region, and print any number of booklets on a printer (on two sides of an A4 sheet).