REG supported a dialogue on migrants’ access to treatment and prevention of HIV infection in Kyrgyzstan

On November 24, the Regional Expert Group held a roundtable in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to discuss current issues of migrant health in the context of HIV. The event brought together experts from relevant ministries and departments, and the civil society, as well as representatives of international organizations.

A key part of the roundtable was the presentation of study’s results conducted by REG in 2023 “Situational and economic analysis in the field of migration and the provision of medical services related to HIV in the Kyrgyz Republic” to identify legal and institutional barriers related to HIV faced by citizens of Kyrgyzstan returning from migration (the publication is available in Russian and Kyrgyz language).

Co-author and lead researcher prof. Baiyzbekova Zhanna, Head of the Center for Infection Control of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic presented key results of the study, as well as key recommendations for improving migrants’ access to HIV services.

Agenda of the meeting included the following topics:

IBBS study results: Presentation of data obtained as part of a study among labor migrants in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Review of current activities and programs focusing on working with migrant workers in the Kyrgyz Republic from ICAP.

Experience and results of the ЕріС project on supporting migrants health.

The next meeting on migration and health in Kyrgyzstan will be help in spring 2024.

An overview of the AFEW project aimed at improving public health among migrants.

A discussion with national experts to determine next steps to improve migrants’ access to HIV prevention and treatment services before, during and after return finalized the Round Table. The event became a platform for exchange experience and expert discussion aimed at developing specific recommendations for improving health care for migrants in the context of HIV.