A new media piece: People between heaven and earth. How migrants with HIV are expelled in Russia

A new article appeared in “Afisha” magazine in the framework of the Informational campaign #HealthWithoutBorders. The article reveals problems that face migrant women when being diagnosed with HIV in Russia. We thank our partner, Tajik Network of Women (TNW) Living with HIV/AIDS, NGO TNWplus/, for their help in preparing the material.

“I didn’t like how people treat migrant, when diagnosed with HIV. I was told in a medical institution immediately: “You should better pack your things and leave”. But how should I do this, if I have my family here, my work and minor children? Then they suggested to prove everything in court. To prove in court that I am a human like others, that I have a right to live?” – the girl says.  Nellya did not consider returning home, because prior to move she and her husband had sold all their property. The first thing my family experienced after diagnosis was shock.   

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